The Record Album Frame
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Thanks for giving me a minute to greet you.

You see I'm the kind of guy that if my store was in your local neighborhood I would greet you with a "how you doing?" when you walked in. When you left I'd tell you to have a great day, and if you came back a few times I might be so bold as to ask you your first name.

I'd do this because I would appreciate you coming in and I'd want you to know it. So that's what this is, thanks for checking our site, I really do appreciate it.

2018 is our TWENTIETH year on the Internet, we started when Google did! We appreciate a steady part of our success is repeat business and referrals from customers to their friends who see our frames displayed.

We treat every customer as though you’re a local who walked into our neighborhood store, personally and with care about what happens. In a moment please see our comments page for genuine feedback we recently received.

30 Seconds To Go!

The point is you can rely that when you are our customer we don't view you as some faceless person out in cyberspace. Rock Art Picture Show began from my interest in vinyl collecting and anyone that wants to preserve the great cover art work is okay with me. We share a common appreciation and would probably have a lot to talk about.

Please check out the customer comments. Each one is real, no relatives. Even though we have been selected by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame gift shop and the Smithsonian for exhibit, honestly it's what people I have never met said about our service or product that is the most meaningful. My goal, really, is for everyone who selects our frames to get the same enjoyment I get from displaying album covers.

So, thank you for considering us. Please feel free to call or email if I can answer any questions.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Have a great day!

Gary Freiberg
Owner - Rock Art Picture Show
Founder - Vinyl Record

Clear Acrylic Frame is 14 1/2” x 15 1/2”

Black Matting Surrounds Album Cover Art Work

Mat Opening Fits Single And Double Album Covers!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!
$18.35 to $14.35 each

Discount Pricing:
4 to 9 for $16.20 each
Order 10 or more $14.35 each!

Record Album Frame

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