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For Fun and Entertainment See Cover Art, Music History, Trivia, and Much More!

Retailers and Dealers!

Picture Disk Offer customers something new for something they already own! Next year Ford introduces their retro T-Bird, Denny’s has changed their name to Denny’s Diner with a 50’s look to their advertising and signage. As the retro movement gains in public awareness, vinyl is coming back "IN". What art form better represents the retro era than album covers?

Rock Art Picture Show is unique as we offer frames for ALL forms of vinyl art, Picture Sleeves, Picture Discs, both 7" and 12", and LP covers. Our original design is patent pending for the ease in which items can be simply framed and matted.

We are recommended by Goldmine Magazine, we were selected by Vroom's Official Catalog of Rock and Roll, our exhibit of "Vinyl As Art" was named "Best Exhibit" at the Rhino Retrofest, and Ray Manzarek of The Doors said,"This is a perfect way to display your favorite albums. I think it's a great product".

Rock Art Picture Show FrameTo support your in-store efforts we provide marketing banners and Album Cover Trivia Cards for you to give free to your customers. In November we start a national publicity campaign promoting Vinyl As Art. For years album cover art has been recognized as an art form, but it has been ignored. We believe there is opportunity to increase your cash flow by providing your customers with a new use for their record collections, turn LPs into art and HANG YOUR LOVED ONES!

We have a special introductory package for retailers only. Call us toll free at 888-644-4567, or email for details.

Thanks for your interest.

Gary J. Freiberg


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