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Michael Jackson Thriller

This Picture Disc is spectacular, the graphic of Michael is striking as is the back side, either side will grab attention and cause comment as a display that is both personable and touching.

This Thriller Picture Disc was released in 2007 and is now out of print. Time will make this release monetarily more valuable but that is not what this display is about. He was controversial in his personal life but as an entertainer he is recognized as one of the best ever - this historical picture disc is of the Michael that gave the world so much great music and dance moves that have become the standard for generations of male and female artists that have tried to follow.

Framed in the Rock Art Picture Show Picture Disc Frame ready for wall display the disc is accessible to play, the displayed side can be easily switched for a different display. This disc is Mint condition, it has never been played. This is Pop Culture Art in a format that is rare, collectible and will command attention as an exhibit of an era that is as individual as any other in music history.

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