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Jacksons Victory - Limited Edition

This is an original 1984 out of print Limited Edition Picture Disc of the Jacksons tumultuous "Victory" tour that almost didn’t happen due to the ego battles of the brothers. Michael was red hot in 1984, far surpassing the music accomplishments of his brothers. But this was family, Michael is 25 and still very much under the influence of his parents and his older brothers, he had an obligation to let them ride his coattails. Pains were taken to make this an “Equalitarian” setting on the cover art, however, to placate Michael no one is prominently featured with the exception of Michael’s shining glove and socks.

This Limited Edition Picture Disc is historical for it captures not just an image of the Jacksons,and Michael in this stage of his career, this Picture Disc captures a style, an era of pomp and the implied heavenly connection of the Jacksons. This tour was not billed as a Comeback Tour, this was the Jacksons reclaiming what they believed was theirs – they were the Princes’ of Rock and Michael was their King.

Framed in the Rock Art Picture Show Picture Disc Frame this wall display is captivating for it is not a newly re-issued disc available at the local Target. This is an original 25 year old collectible that will only become more rare and appreciated as a slice of history that can never be recreated again. In Mint Condition comes with original packaging envelope, frame allows quick removable and replacement of the disc if listening is desired.

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