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Beatle 5 Set

This 1983 Limited Edition five Picture Disc Set is AWESOME though you may have to use some imagination looking at the picture. As art the grouping is captivating and has so many combinations this display, this exhibit, will stay fresh for a long time. If these were to be played the recordings are rare appearances on the BBC, a live concert and a side of miscellaneous, and again rare, songs.

These are 12" Picture Discs, each one individually framed in our 14 1/2 x 15 1/2" Picture Disc Frame. The graphics run from "trippy" to heart warming. The set can be arranged however best for your setting, changing the displayed side is easy when you want a new look.

Condition of three of these pictures discs is excellent. One has chips on the outer edge and does not disturb the cover art. One other disc has a small chip on the outer and it too does not disturb the art.

The essence of this Limited Edition will create conversation and maybe some envy for this Beatle Picture Disc Set is something that demands and deserves the attention it will receive.

Includes Original box set packaging with printed Beatles signatures and cover photo circa 1964.

Please Email if you have questions on the graphics.

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Availability: SOLD-194.95

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