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Beatles Butcher Cover Pair

The Beatles Butcher Cover for their LP "Yesterday And Today" is the group's most infamous album cover, banned and recalled in the US the day it was released, the most valuable copies have sold for $85,000. The group felt their American record company had "butchered" the cover to the previously released HELP soundtrack when the group was placed out of order on the cover by the company, their hand gestures were arranged purposefully to spell the movie's title but the company positioned the Beatle's randomly. To show their displeasure, on this next release the group posed as Butchers with severed baby body parts mixed in bloodied beef ribs. This original issue cover was immediately banned by Capitol, when it came to the US the LP and the cover were recalled and replaced. To retaliate, the Beatles removed all background color from the replacement cover and sat stoically with the replacement plain white cover pasted over the original Butcher Cover. These pasted over "stage two" Butcher Covers are very collectible and valuable and are detectable from Ringo's black turtle neck bleeding through the plain white cover. The LP here is not a stage two Butcher Cover but it is an actual 1968 "Yesterday And Today" replacement cover and LP .

This pair has its value in the rarity of the pairing, the value of the LP and the infamy of the Butcher Cover. This copy of the Butcher Cover cover art has the same visual impact of an original issue and paired with the replacement cover is a combination of a very controversial and historical album cover with the revengeful replacement. This is the last available set of the 10 Set Limited Edition issue.

There is no record with the Butcher Cover, this is a copy of the cover art on matte board. The replacement "Yesterday And Today" cover IS the 1968 replacement LP, both record and cover in good condition.

Framed in the RAPS Record Album Frame this is an opportunity to own the Beatle's most infamous Album Cover Art work and is a piece that is guaranteed by our Buy Back Policy not to lose its value.

This will get attention, discussion and enjoyment wherever it is displayed, be prepared to hear lots of Beatle stories. Whether you tell them the Butcher Cover story is up to you.

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