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Rare Stones - 1964

This very rare Stones piece is Rock & Pop Culture authentic history. In near Mint Condition it's easy to understand why this Picture Sleeve would be among the Stone's most historically and monetarily valuable. It is so readily cool seeing this early Stones cover art that theres no need for explanation, there can be no commentary on this kind of Album Cover Art that captures the feel of this piece, it speaks for itself.

Adding to the Stones presence is the box offering help to start a Rolling Stones Fan Club by writing a Miss Patricia Thomas in New York. This declaration was only on two of the Stones release, adding to the collectibility of this very special piece.

Album Cover Art has made huge gains in the last five years, becoming recognized as a collectible and valuable art form. Because of its age, condition and the group, this is an upper echelon collectible that with all likelihood will preserve its value and appreciate as items like this become even rarer in the future. The record, also collectible, is included.

Framed in the Rock Art Picture Show Picture Sleeve Frame this will WOW the friends you have with Rock & Roll in their soul. Seeing Rock History is a drawing card, restaurants and museums have been built around it, this piece will make a display that is a centerpiece anywhere it is displayed.

Priced According to Industry Price Guide Books. Listed March 25, 2008. Only One Available.

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Availability: SOLD-124.95

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