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Japan KISS

This 1974 Japanese KISS release is one strange piece of Album Cover Art, of course not anything else would be expected with the combination of bizareness of the group and a country that is a culture accepting of kinky exhibitionism.

There's many things that make this a display that will stop the viewer into taking a closer look and wonder what it is they are looking at. The authentic Japanese inscription of band members names, the group and album name is catchy, until a closer look at the cover photo, that wins in the bizarre department

The back side is presented here as that also makes an, ah, let's see, an interesting display. There is a choice here of bizareness, it's just a matter in what form you want it.

Framed in the Rock Art Picture Show Record Album Frame for wall display. We can almost guarantee this will make your friends wonder about you, but what fun is it if we can't keep them guessing! Record is included, both cover and record are in MInt Condition.

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