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Revolver in Picture Disc

Musically, the Beatles "Revolver" album was a turning point in what they sang about and how they sang it. Reflecting the group's new turned on sound, the cover of this 1966 LP was the first departure from standard direct photography, instead this is a mysterious montage created by Beatle keyboardist Klaus Voorman.

The Beatles are illustrated as cartoon characters mingled with photos that seem candid, not poised. Voorman hides himself which is only one thing to search for in this perhaps significant art work. It has been said the arangement of the group is odd, that it reflects the inner tensions that were beginning to form, Paul looks away from the group as John peers over at him. George faces us, expressionless, as Ringo seems detached, staring off looking elsewhere. Maybe more "Paul is Dead" stuff, but the intrigue of whether there is a purposeful hidden message is recognizing that as with other art forms, what we see may not always meet the eye.

Usually seen in LP format, as a Picture Disc the art work is a rare conversation piece and a display that creates a spark - people recognize and relate to it, but never as a Picture Disc.

Framed in the Rock Art PIcture Disc Frame ready for wall display. This is a Limited Edition PIcture Disc that will at minimum hold its value as the Beatles continue to represent Rock History and the culture that accompanied it.

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