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Led Zeppelin - First Three

First three Led Zeppelin Albums - Records are included.

Individually each LP has endured as exceptional Album Cover Art, Led Zeppelin One is among the most popular album covers of all time, Led Zeppelin III has the spin wheel that changes the faces on the cover, a perfect representation of "trippy" cover art and the commercial competition there was in the art form to be creative. Collectively this classic three set is historic and innovative, it is an important part of Rock & Roll cover art history, literally this is an investment in Album Cover Art. Led Zeppelin LP's have become very collectible due to multiple generationial demand of the group, they are Rock & Roll for Baby Boomers and their kids. When displayed this grouping of the first three Led Zep covers create a feel, a presence in any room, this is a display that says you ain't lost your Rock & Roll shoes yet.

This grouping has dual benefit; in addition to the collectible art work this is among the best Rock & Roll of all time! (editors humble opinion.)

Framed in the RAPS Record Album Frame records can be easily removed for play and returned to frame.

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