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Elvis First Album

Elvis's first release quickly established him as Rock 'N Roll's bad boy; just the image RCA and Colonel Parker did not want Elvis to have. Viewing this cover through the eyes of the time, this cover is outlandish, it represented and captured the reputation of this new music genre; it was for Juvenile Delinquents and should be banned. Everything about this cover was the antithesis of the 50's era; it actually had sexuality and rawness, something the prior generation of crooners stayed away from. Hard to imagine that thinking today, but in 1956 when Elvis's first LP was released it created more controversy than Paris, Brittany and Lindsey combined.

The record, which includes "Blue Suede Shoes" and other Elvis classics, is in very good condition and is a third issue release from 1957. This listing is unique as the cover is in Mint condition, it's a virgin, it has never had a record inside. Though a European reissue finding this original Elvis graphic in MInt condition is a rarity and creates a piece that is both collectible and historical for its depiction of the era and the starting point of Rock & Roll's King.

Framed in the RAPS Record Album Frame for wall display this will garner personal stories, interest and enjoyment anywhere it is displayed.

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