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Rare Elvis 2 EP

This 1956 4 song 7" 45 Extended Play from Elvis's second album was pivotal in changing how Elvis was presented to the US public. Elvis seems to be looking toward the heavens above in front of a church like background, presenting a very different Elvis from his debut album cover as a gyrating rebel rocker. In 1956 Middle America wanted a choir boy, not a juvenile delinquent; RCA knew the potential they had in their new artist and gave America what they wanted. Sleeve and record are about a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10.

The wear lends authenticity to this rare and historical piece of Rock & Roll's beginning chapter. Framed in the RAPS Picture Sleeve Frame for wall display this is a piece that is captivating for it authentically depicts the beginning of the era of Elvis's acceptance by not just teenagers, for now that he wasn't a juvenile delinquent threat all of America was embracing the King of the new music, Rock & Roll. This is something that causes commentary for Elvis is integral to society in general and to the many who have something personal in their memories of the King of Rock & Roll.

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