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22) Stones Majestic Disc

This is one of only 300. Released in 1997, this very strict Limited Edition Picture Disc was, according to the statement printed in the vinyl on the back side, a promotional disc to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Rolling Stones "Their Satanic ...
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23) Yesterday 1965
Availability: SOLD-84.95

It's been 43 years but it seems like Yesterday, a not too far reaching segue into this highly collectible piece of Album Cover Art. Items like this have the same collectible characteristics of Fine Art; enduring appeal, recognition and appreciation. ...
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24) Annette-Muscle Beach Party

1963 - It's Surf Bunny Annette. Both sides of this are cool, make that cheesy, enough to be displayed. This will give any room a feel, it is a conversation piece. You can even enjoy the soundtrack as the record is included. One of the many beach movi...
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25) King Crimson

This 1969 KIng Crimson cover art is among the most gripping there is. Album Cover Art is unique for many reasons, one of which is the acceptability of bizarreness, especially in this post Sgt. Pepper era when the art form evolved to perhaps its most ...
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26) Butcher Cover Picture Disc

This is the most sought after and rarest collectible Beatle cover - the infamous "Butcher Cover". Banned for its depiction of severed baby limbs and heads mixed in with bloodied beef ribs this cover is a piece of controversy and an integral part of R...
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27) Page & Plant Interview Discs

This early 1980's imported Limited Edition 12" Picture Disc set is a rarity for several reasons; first these are separate interviews with Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Each disc is the individual artists interview and is very cool to listen to them bo...
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28) Hound Dog - 1956

The week after shaking it up on the Milton Berle Show Elvis appeared on the Steve Allen Show, Allen's producer's thought they had to do something so Elvis wouldn't make those awful suggestive moves he made the week earlier on the Berle show. Hence, E...
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29) Beach Boys First -
Availability: SOLD-39.95

1962 - Decked out in requisite Pendelton shirts and white Levi's this historical Beach Boys album created a new genre that suddenly replaced 50's Rock & Roll. This cover is forty years old yet holds attraction for what the Beach Boys represented then...
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30) Sinatra Three

This 1961 to 1965 Sinatra triage is unique for the hand painted portrait rather than photographed depiction of The Chairman between the ages of 45 on “All the Way” to age 50 on “September of my years”, a reflection of Sinatra’s generation belief that...
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31) Elvis - Graceland

1970 - Elvis is at home in this family style photo, like if he was your cousin. Elvis is 35, and I hate to say this but he looks like he's been partying a little bit. Hey, he's at home it's okay! Condition is good, other side has a K Mart price ...
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32) Page & Plant Interviews
Availability: See Above

These are the other two sides to the above Page & Plant interview Picture Discs, both in Mint Condition and framed for immediate display. Sides can be mixed and displayed according to personal taste

Buy Back Guarantee ...

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33) Beatles Rarity
Availability: SOLD-74.95

Authentic 1967 Beatle release that is very hard to find and will only become more so in the future. This piece is over 40 years old and has a few imperfections as most things over 40 do. However; this shows well, this is a genuine collectible of Rock...
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34) Surfer Girl - 1963 Beach Boys
Availability: SOLD-24.95

Trivia about this third Beach Boys cover is they are wearing the same clothes as the above first album, only here they are walking with the surfboard , they must have founds the waves they're looking for on the first cover.

This is pre-Beatl...

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35) Banned Hendrix
Availability: SOLD-124.95

Holiday Special!- To keep you abreast of Hendrix' international releases we'll tell this European cover for 1968's "Electric Ladyland" was of course banned in the US. The US cover for Ladyland had only the band, no girls. Of the two covers this is...
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36) Hendrix One
Availability: SOLD-49.95

Holiday Special - $10.00 Off

This first Hendrix is the epitomy of the whole late 60's era. The psychedelic font, the freaky dress, and then there's Jimi. He blew everybody away, from peers like Clapton and Pete Townsend to teenagers who...

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37) Two Virgins

This is an extremely rare Limited Edition 1968 piece of Vinyl Art. John and Yoko posed fully nude to protest the treatment they had received in the press over their "Bed In" for peace at Toronto. The sleeve this disc came in quotes a Bible verse of m...
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38) The Stones?

This is the Stones how you have never seen them. Dressed as women, this 1966 very rare Picture Sleeve is in near mint condition. Barely recognizable is Brian Jones as a haughty military officer, Keith looks like a commanding old lady, Mick has a weir...
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39) Grateful Dead Collection

This grouping includes the first Grateful Dead LP, the 1970 American Beauty and 1975's Blues for Allah releases. This assemblege creates a statement that shows appreciation not just for a band but for a lifestyle. The cover of the first release is a ...
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40) Elvis - U.S. Male

1968 - This is Elvis the western horseman from the Oscar winning, not really, "Stay Away, Joe" which is what Joe and everyone else did when this movie came out. Single side photo rare for being in black and white during a time color was a big deal. ...
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41) Marvin Gaye - 1964

Marvin Gaye only produced four Picture Sleeves; this 1964 issue is his first one. Gaye is age 25 here, contributing to the rarity of this piece is during this era black artists were not promoted the same as white artists, artists like Gaye were an e...
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42)  Poor Taste - 1974

Whoever wrote their initials on the front of this cover from the 1974 Roxy Music release really must have had poor taste for this is one of the most controversial, sensual covers among the billions that have been produced. This is a French copy and m...
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