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1) Surfin' at Waikiki

On the "Spin O Rama" record label this is a cool circa early 1960's surf cover that has a bit of intrigue. Why are three people holding hands against the romantic backdrop? The graphics,font colors and how "Stereophonic"is placed gives this piece a f...
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2) The Ventures

1963- No Beatles, No Elvis. It's all about surfing and every group wanted an angle to be part of the new teen age craze. The Ventures did it by covering other group's surf hits. Still as Album Cover Art this covers graphics authentically captures the...
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3) Annette-Muscle Beach Party

1963 - It's Surf Bunny Annette. Both sides of this are cool, make that cheesy, enough to be displayed. This will give any room a feel, it is a conversation piece. You can even enjoy the soundtrack as the record is included. One of the many beach movi...
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4) Beach Boys First -
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1962 - Decked out in requisite Pendelton shirts and white Levi's this historical Beach Boys album created a new genre that suddenly replaced 50's Rock & Roll. This cover is forty years old yet holds attraction for what the Beach Boys represented then...
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5) Surfer Girl - 1963 Beach Boys
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Trivia about this third Beach Boys cover is they are wearing the same clothes as the above first album, only here they are walking with the surfboard , they must have founds the waves they're looking for on the first cover.

This is pre-Beatl...

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