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1) Beatle 1964 Interview Set

This Limited Edition European import is Beatles essence, the group's beginning on Ed Sullivan's 1963 American debut. This 7" Picture Disc four set is both a visual and audio history book. The graphics create a display that is a conversation piece, vi...
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2) Jacksons Victory - Limited Edition

This is an original 1984 out of print Limited Edition Picture Disc of the Jacksons tumultuous "Victory" tour that almost didnít happen due to the ego battles of the brothers. Michael was red hot in 1984, far surpassing the music accomplishments of hi...
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3) Wish You  Were Here - Pink Floyd
Availability: SOLD-79.95

A 1995 LImited Edition Picture Disc, this is a very difficult collectible to find because of the short production estimated to be only 5000. The sensational graphic is not just a Rock & Roll classic, in the Picture Disc format it is an Album Cover Ar...
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4) Michael Jackson Thriller

This Picture Disc is spectacular, the graphic of Michael is striking as is the back side, either side will grab attention and cause comment as a display that is both personable and touching.

This Thriller Picture Di...

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5) Revolver in Picture Disc

Musically, the Beatles "Revolver" album was a turning point in what they sang about and how they sang it. Reflecting the group's new turned on sound, the cover of this 1966 LP was the first departure from standard direct photography, instead this is ...
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6) Beatle 5 Set
Availability: SOLD-194.95

This 1983 Limited Edition five Picture Disc Set is AWESOME though you may have to use some imagination looking at the picture. As art the grouping is captivating and has so many combinations this display, this exhibit, will stay fresh for a long time...
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7) Led Zeppelin Set
Availability: Sold - 145.00

Framed in Rock Art Picture Show Picture Disc Frames, this set of Led Zeppelin One, Two and Three LP's as Picture Disc's is an amazing exhibit, the set is music decor that is Rock history. It's a display that makes a statement and creates a presence t...
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8) Stones Majestic Disc

This is one of only 300. Released in 1997, this very strict Limited Edition Picture Disc was, according to the statement printed in the vinyl on the back side, a promotional disc to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Rolling Stones "Their Satanic ...
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9) Butcher Cover Picture Disc

This is the most sought after and rarest collectible Beatle cover - the infamous "Butcher Cover". Banned for its depiction of severed baby limbs and heads mixed in with bloodied beef ribs this cover is a piece of controversy and an integral part of R...
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10) Page & Plant Interview Discs

This early 1980's imported Limited Edition 12" Picture Disc set is a rarity for several reasons; first these are separate interviews with Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Each disc is the individual artists interview and is very cool to listen to them bo...
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11) Page & Plant Interviews
Availability: See Above

These are the other two sides to the above Page & Plant interview Picture Discs, both in Mint Condition and framed for immediate display. Sides can be mixed and displayed according to personal taste

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12) Two Virgins

This is an extremely rare Limited Edition 1968 piece of Vinyl Art. John and Yoko posed fully nude to protest the treatment they had received in the press over their "Bed In" for peace at Toronto. The sleeve this disc came in quotes a Bible verse of m...
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13) Marilyn - 1st Playboy Cover
Availability: SOLD-125.00

Marilyn Monroe was the first cover girl of Playboy Magazine, this was the cover shot. This very rare 1985 Picture Disc is titled "Runnin' Wild", Marilyn sings 10 songs including "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend". An import, this special piece displ...
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14) Sgt. Pepper Picture Disc
Availability: SOLD-64.95

Sgt. Pepper changed Album Cover Art. Prior to its release the art form consisted primarily of straight photography, most often very literal in the presentation of the music artist. Sgt. Pepper changed all that and led the era that is perhaps the most...
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15) Beatles Abbey Road
Availability: SOLD-84.95

Like all Beatle Picture Discs this is a narrow Limited Edition however distinguished by the "Paul is Dead" mystery "Clues" depicted on the cover. The order of the Beatles, John in white representing the Holy Spirit, Ringo, the Preacher, Paul the "cor...
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16)  KISS This

This set of 12" Picture Discs creates a cutting edge pure Rock & Roll feel. A grouping like this is a statement, even if that statement is I'm a little wild and crazy this four set is captivating for it associates with the edges of Rock & Roll, somet...
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17) Steve Miller Classic

This is a classic Picture Disc of Steve Miller's 1977 Book of Dreams. It's beautiful, the colors are vibrant, the well known flying horse graphic has a very different effect as a Picture Disc, it is much more than the printed LP cover. This disc shin...
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18) Betty Page - Danger Girl

The irreverent Betty Page has never lost her mystique from the time she began her scandalous modeling in the early 1950's to today when she is seen as the Queen of the Pin Up girl...and then some. Betty was a small town girl who believed she was...
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19) Hendrix Girls

This is the epitomy of a Rock Star, at least that's the fantasy for those who aspire to be one! This candid photo was taken on a whim, Hendrix had made a casual comment about the girls to their roadie friend. While on the tour bus unknown to Hendrix ...
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20) Jimi Hendrix Interview - Limited Edition
Availability: See Above

Back Side to Above Hendrix Disc. This graphic is an expansion of a Hendrix Greatest Hits LP cover, here Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell are included, their images duplicated in several colors. Hendrix stands center, his image not repeated. The meanin...
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Distinctive graphics make this rare Monkees Picture Disc a dual representation of the group both as the wacky TV group and as serious artists in a timeless black & white poised promotion shot.(see below listing) Both sides have character, either crea...
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